Stop blaming, shaming, and diseasing.

The truth is we’re all actors on the stage. And some of us are just bigger drama queens than others. Having said that, today, on this first day of 2015, I would just like to say, there is more to life than being afraid, there is more for you, even if you went down a deep, dark, black hole and had to climb back out only to fall in again, maybe deeper than the time before, but there is more. There is more than having to live one day at a time so afraid of a substance or other things that have no power over you, only the power you have given to it or them. And there’s a way better life than standing up or posting on Facebook that you have one more year that you have been free of the demon rum, or whatever demon got you to begin with. That’s not an accomplishment. That’s an obsession. And that is no way to live. Happy New Year, everyone. Wishing you the best sober or not sober year yet.

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